Tuesday, May 01, 2007

So when will the mission be accomplished, anyway?

Four years ago, President Bush celebrated Halloween in May as he strutted aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. He said he had to fly there because the ship was too far from the US coast to arrive via helicopter. However, Stuff like the podium and TelePromTer were delivered to the USS Abraham Lincoln via helecopter.

One of the ones the president uses from time to time.

Oh, and that's also how they carried that pesky "Mission Accomplished" sign that they tried to blame our troops for.

Because, as we came to find out, when things go wrong, the Bush administration will try to blame the troops.

Anyway, the President started his speech by saying "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended."

I'm sure that they 104 Americans killed in Iraq in April 2007 were glad to know that they weren't part of major combat operations.

Anyway, this post is way too serious, and I need some lightheartedness in my day today. So, with apologies to all my Primary music leaders growing up (although I know one who would appreciate it...), here's a new take on one of my favorite Primary songs:

I hope to learn what was the mission
That was "accomplighed" four years ago.
It doesn't seem to have been stopped.
The lies and fear and hype do plague us ever so.

"Major combat operations....
Have ended" the President did say.
Then why are our men still the targets
Of gins and bombs and stuff like every single day?

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