Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vote the Person, Not the Party

There was a letter to the editor in Sunday's Deseret News stating that the author wouldn't vote for Mitt Romney because he's a Republican. That prompted a follow-up in todays DNews stating that that author wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama because they are Democrats.

Which is 100% the wrong reason to not vote for somebody.

I'm not voting for Mitt Romney because I disagree with him on many issues, and can't trust his position on the issues, either. Same with Hillary.

Truth be told, Mitt Romney, despite the critical eye I give him on this blog, ranks high on my list of people I could see myself voting for in November 2008.



The Deseret Spectacle said...

Hillary, McCain, and Romney are all off the table for me because I don't trust any of their positions, and have lost immeasurable respect for them all. (Particularly McCain, who at one time I would have voted for)

Your headline "Vote the Person, Not the Party" could also be "Vote the Person, Not the Religion" but either one is a pipe dream. The fact is, people were just fine with voting on the basis of religion around here until they became the minority. Now, suddenly, religion shouldn't be an issue.

That ship has sailed, methinks.


Randy - Utah Conservitive Democrat Blogger said...

All i need to say is If Romney wins the Republican Nomination i will vote for him (If he wins that is). But He is still a Flip Flopper.
or as I Call him a Republican Kerry ( Now you know why I voted for Bush in that election). And if Billary (AKA Hillary Yes im a Democrat and im calling her that). if She wins and mitt loses im voting for a libertarian, Green, or Independent Canadate. But Obamas my man even if he goe's against Mitt.