Friday, June 29, 2007

"Are you trying to silence me?"

Mark Towner has replied to my post about him a few days ago.

Does this all make you feel better?

Wss it you intention to silence a free political newsletter?

Mark Towner

this seems to be the new mantra with Conservatives. See A. Lucifer Coulter claiming that Elizabeth Edwards' calling her out was an attempt by the wife of a Presidential Candidate to "silence" her. This despite all of the calls A. Lucifer Coulter has made to silence her opponants (including calling for their murder).

In Mr Towner's case, I'm definitely NOT trying to silence him. I'm just saying that I'm not interested, never have been interested, never will be interested in recieving his emails. If he thinks it's trying to silence him, he's in sorry shape, and we'll see how he likes it if it continues.


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Mark E. Towner said...

Dear Utah Bloggers,

I completely agree with you on Ann Coulter. She has completely gone off the deep end. But in this case it was a blogger who attacked me, instead of the message. Nobody really likes their personal life attacked, what they do for a living questioned, their education or lack thereof challenged.

When someone accuses you of being a thief, well I just lost it. It's not often, but when it happens, look out. As a completive player and coach I got rejected many a time, to the horror of my family and friends. Time solves most things, and usually I come back to earth totally embarrassed.

I apologize to you and your blog readers for not being a perfect person, I have many good qualities, but this is not one of them.


Mark E. Towner,
The Political Spyglass