Friday, June 29, 2007

What I learned from the DCCC this morning

I got a call from the DCCC asking for money. After going back and forth about why I won't donate to them for 17 minutes, I thought I'd share the following two tidbits of information with you that I learned:

#1) The Democrats only have control of the House. They do not control the Senate nor the White House. (To be fair, the gentleman could not name the Senate Majority Leader nor his party.)

#2) It was his understanding that DCCC maney was spead to all 52 states in the country. My sister informed me that the reason that his number of states differed from mine was because Northen California and Southern California are their own states, and the Eastern Part of Louisiana has been broken off and bacame Mistersippi so that Mississippi has someone to talk to. She saw it on an ad.


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The 53rd State said...

Their are actually 56 states Bob and your one of them.