Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Utah Republicans Support Puppy Torture


Every dog has its day, but Henry will have to wait for his.
State lawmakers meeting in special session Wednesday punted consideration of legislation that seeks to impose tougher penalties for acts of animal torture, opting for more discussion, debate and a possible vote next year.


Sen. Jon Greiner, a Republican who is Ogden's police chief, said the Legislature may be making it a crime to drop an animal off near a shelter if the shelter happens to be closed.
He also noted other crimes - child abuse, sexual abuse of a minor, assault of a police officer, and assault of a school employee - that are Class A misdemeanors under Utah law.
"How do we get to a third degree felony [for animal torture] when we don't have enough respect for human life, sexually abused children, that we don't have a higher standard of care for them?" asked Greiner.

Actually, the saddest part of this is the fact that Senator Greiner doesn't know that as a member of the legislative branch of the Utah Government, he has the power to change the law.

The Third Ave:

As JM Bell pointed out, Michael Vick is a first time offender and will be pleading federal felony charges (and faces state felony charges as well). So would Sen. Christensen advocate giving Vick a second chance to hang, drown, and electrocute dogs?

And seriously, what's up with Ogden Republicans? They all love torturing animals?

JM Bell:

Absolute, unfiltered, concentrated chickenshit.

The Deseret News points out that the vote was along party lines. The headline should be on every story about this:

Utah Republicans Support Puppy Torture


Misty Fowler said...

As I've said before, most Republicans, including Utah ones, support People Torture (Gitmo), so why not Puppy Torture? They passed that line long ago. And I'm not joking one bit when I say that for the Republicans to pass an anti-puppy-torture bill right now would lead to many comparisons of their support for people-torture.

The Senate Site said...

Utah Republicans Support Puppy Torture.

Must be an election year.