Monday, September 10, 2007

11 Articles of Faith for the Democratic Party

Howard Dean spoke at the National Baptist Convention over the weekend. From Democracy for Utah:

As Democrats, we believe:
*That no child should go to bed hungry.
*As Democrats we believe that it is a moral issue that we no longer be the last industrialized country on the face of the Earth that doesn't have health care for every single person. And we have acted on that in Congress by giving every child under 18 health insurance.
*That war should be a last resort only after diplomacy has been exhausted.
*That we should properly equip our troops before we send them to war.
*That we should properly take care of our veterans when they come home.
*That everyone deserves equal rights under the law.
*That we should be good stewards of the Earth.
*That hardworking people should earn a living wage and be able to take care of their families.
*That we shouldn't pass debt onto our children and our grandchildren.
*That faith should not be used to divide people.
*That you and I have more in common than we have differences.


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Misty Fowler said...

Which is exactly why I don't get it that my religious brothers and sisters could be anything *but* Democrats. I understand that abortion is a key issue, but shouldn't they be trying to fight that battle from the inside, rather than allowing the issue to make them side with a political party that otherwise is opposite of all the moral values that we hold so dear? I just don't get it....