Friday, September 07, 2007

New Bin Laden Tape shows Bush sucks at anti-terror matters

Bin Laden plans 9/11 video message

For the first time in three years, Osama Bin Laden has dared to show his face - in a video to be released for the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The cave-dwelling creep looks markedly older in a photo lifted from the video, even though he had apparently dyed his gray-streaked beard all black.

The fact that we are quickly approaching that memorable day when he masterminded the killings of nearly 3000 people on our soil, and he is still running around makes me sick.

And it proves that the US is no safer today than it was six years ago.
In fact, we are more than likely worse off.

President Bush and most of the Republican Presidential candidates remind us that the "terrorists will follow us home from Iraq." However, those who were in Iraq six years ago weren't terrorists (and, by definition, still aren't terrorists, but that's a discussion for annother post.) They were quite content with their lives, and probably didn't hate our country near like they do now, after we've blown up their houses. Those terrorists that were terrorists six years ago followed us into Iraq, and will follow us out whether we leave tomorrow or in 2050.

Because at the rate we're going, they'll still be around.

When you've spent 75% of your time tilting at windmills versus fighting the main terrorists, you're not going accomplish any missions.

Now, I know that some yahoo is going to write that "Sure, Bush hasn't done anything to stop bin Laden, but neither did Clinton."

I already have my response for that:

If Clinton had sex with an intern, does that make it OK for Bush to do so?


[UPDATE: Ironically, this was post #911. The numerologists amongst you can have a feild day....]

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