Friday, September 07, 2007

SLC Mayor's Race

I am going to maintain my nutrality in the race for Salt Lake City Mayor. It's a luxury I have. Other things in life have taken my attention these past many months, so I'm not as well-versed in the ins and outs of the race as I would hope to be. I probably would have been more so had I actually been able to vote next Tuesday.

That being said, here are some pros and cons for the major candidates from my point of view:

Ralph Becker

Pros: Good listener; outreach to blogging community.
Cons: The Legislature will miss him. Now that everyone knows his secret superhero identity, can he continue to be all that effective?

Jenny Wilson

Pros: Nice Person; Her sister's got an awesome neighbor if I do say so myself; Peter Corroon likes her, Rocky not so much.
Cons: Tries to run as her own person, even if her own person is Ted Wilson's daughter; For someone that hasn't yet completed a single term in office, already feels like a career politico.

Dave Buhler

Pros: Rocky hates him; good marketing team;, name reminds me of one of my favorite movies.
Cons: Reminds me of favorite bit character of that movie; Career part-time politico.

Keith Christensen

Pros: Bicycle Friendly
Cons: Rocky Friendly



JM Bell said...

Query: Why do you hate Rocky?

Serious question, not trolling or baiting.

Douglas said...

I have come to the conclusion that I would only be happy with Becker or Christensen. I know that's rooting for the underdog's but they are the only ones that have shown a real vision of what they see in SLC's future. Wilson is just too young and Buhler is a lackey of the Church.