Saturday, September 15, 2007

Iraq: More Utahns Agree With Democrats Than With Bush

(Hat Tip: Utah Amicus)

Let's sum up the opinions of the two groups:

Bush: Stay in Iraq unitl the "job is done."
Democrats: Positions Vary, but they range from now to a year from now.

So, conventional wisdom would say that most Utahns would line up in the first category, stay there, no matter what, right?

From KSL:

As for how long Utahns think the troops should stay in Iraq, 15 percent think six months. Eight percent say a year. Four percent say two years. Two percent say more than two years. Forty-five percent say the troops should stay as long as necessary. And 24 percent say the troops should leave Iraq now.

That's 47% that said something between now and a year from now. 45% tha said to stay as long as it takes. 47% is greater than 45%.

If you've lost Utah, you're screwed.

Also from the KSL poll:

in an exclusive Survey USA poll for Eyewitness News, only 19 percent of those polled say they watched the whole speech, and 17 percent watched some of it.

Sixty-three percent of those polled didn't watch the speech at all.

That's because we're sick of the BS.

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