Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mitt Romney lines up with General Conference Protestors (with Dick Cheney and Chris Cannon, too!)

Sharing the program with Dick Cheney at tomorrow's meeting of the Super Adventure Club is Mitt Romney. SOme of the prominant members of the Super Adventure CLub and what they have had to say about the religion Mitt and I happen to share:

Pat Robertson (Through CBN):

"In summary, the Mormon church is a prosperous, growing organization that has produced many people of exemplary character. But when it comes to spiritual matters, the Mormons are far from the truth. "

Bob Jones III (On Larry King Live):

"KING: The argument against the Mormons is what?

JONES: Mormonism is pantheistic -- it is a religion of -- well, it doesn't teach the same thing about Jesus Christ that we teach. Mormonism teaches that Jesus Christ...

KING: Came back,

JONES: ... were brothers, that they were spirit children that God and his wife fathered in heaven, and that when there's a Mormon marriage in the temple and so forth and so on, that that couple when they die go to a planet and people it with spirit children, just like God and his wife people heaven, and that Jesus and Lucifer were brothers, and that Lucifer rebelled, and Jesus sided with the father. Therefore, he had -- the Bible teaches very clearly that Jesus Christ is God. He is not a created being, he is God. He is in essence -- he is very God of very God."

Phyllis Schlafly (not about mormonism, but interesting given the Warren Jeffs thing):

“By getting married, the woman has consented to sex, and I don’t think you can call it rape,” she said.

And, while I'm qoting things, here's a quote about the Super Adventure Club from Utah Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Holland:

“We welcome members of CNP to Utah,” said Wayne Holland, chair of the Democratic Party of Utah. “Utahns have a rare opportunity to see – or more accurately not see – what Republicans are all about. And that is policy making by the few, by the privileged, in secret.”


P.S. Super Adventure Club is a South Park reference.

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