Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Ninth Birthday, Google!

Google, the company that has become a verb used to describe a small portion of what they do., is nine years old today.

In addition to the search feature, which I use a lot, I also love Google Maps, Goosle Earth, Google Calendar, Google Analytics, and let's not forget TouTube and Blogger.

Happy Birthday, Google! May there be many more!


Shaun said...

You forgot google mail with its sweet, sweet, gigabytes of email storage.

Jesse Harris said...

I'm hooked on Google's services. The browser sync extension for FireFox is totally awesome, the Notebook add-on helps me take quick and portable notes and I use the toolbar daily. That's in addition to the calendar, Gmail, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Maps... you get the idea. If the feds ever need data on me, it's a one-stop shopping trip.