Monday, October 29, 2007

The $7500 lie

Voucher suppoters say that it costs 7500 oreos, er dollars, to educate one child in Utah's public schools.

However, I have found that it's a lie.

I know, imagine an upstanding organization like Parents for Choice in Education funded by a guy who picks fights with people when he doesn't get his way and is under SEC investigation telling a lie.

I found the following info at the Granite School District's website:

Expenditures per student
U.S. Average: $8,310
Utah: $4,991
Granite: $4,828

So, the average Utah school district spends $5000 per student, 2/3 of the number PCE tells. In fact, spending $7500 would put us close to the national average.

So, how did PCE come up with the 7500 number?

Park City School District, the state's wealthiest.

In FY 2006, PCSD spent $7,454 per student. They also take in nearly 5 times the property tax revenues per student that Granite does. They take in more property taxe per student than any school district, and double the #4 district, Rich School District.

Funny that PCE takes the expensive figures out when running averages for the cost of public schools, but runs the MOST expensive numbers for the cost of public schools.

Funny, or sad.

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Jesse Harris said...

It could be that they relied on the same numbers that the Utah Taxpayer's Association did. They reached the $7500 figure some time ago. Read more here.