Monday, October 29, 2007

PCE's new lying, hate-mongering email

I just got a new email in my inbox from Parents for Choice in Education. I will talk about the points in the email. If you really want to read the email, I'm sure you can find it on their site. Or I can send you a copy.

Utah's business community says, "Vote FOR 1"

Well, it's only "dozens" of business leaders, and it's a no-brainer. Referendum 1 will set the standard for taxpayer money going UNREGULATED into the private sector. Many of these businesses are salivating over the idea.

New Ads

The first of their new ads takes KSL-TV's hack-job of a report (where's the accountability?) that has been refuted numerous places. The second of their new ads is the Governor Huntsman ad where they had to take a press conference that he didn't want to do in the first place, because the Gov refused to film a real ad for them.

Give Oreo cookies this Halloween

Remind parents that Vouchers make you fat...

More out-of-state unions fight parents in Utah

I love how they complain about out-of-staters coming in to fight vouchers. However, they ignore the fact that a large portion of their funding comes from undisclosed sources, and a large part of their disclosed sources are from out of state. Plus, out of state groups have been spending for years to get pro-voucher people elected for office. And, a large number of staffers at PCE are from places not called Utah.

Union taking teachers out of classrooms

OK, this is the most blatant lie of the email. It says that the UEA moved thier convention from early Oct to the week before the election as a bid to influence the election.

However, this is a 100% lie. There were numerous news articles a few years ago stating that UEA weekend was no longer always going to be the second weekend of October because of reservations at the Salt Palace. I learned at last year's convention that the dates of the convention this year was going to be October 29-30. This was long before HB148 was voted on.


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