Monday, October 08, 2007

Conference Pictures

I ended up with an extra ticket to Saturday Evening's Priesthood Session of LDS General Conference. I called my good friend Joe, who didn't have a ticket to Priesthood, but had an extra to Saturday Afternoon. So, I ended up going to two session of General Conference.

I had never been to a session of Conference before in my life. I'm not going to relate my experiences at this point in time, but I'll share some pictures I got with my camera phone.

First: The view from our seats, Saturday Afternoon Session:

Our view for Priesthood Session (a full hour before it started):

Just a reminder as you leave to not be mean to the protestors:

And Satan was out there with his missionaries:


JM Bell said...

Awww. Way to Satan. Never thought I'd ever say that.

Part of the Plan said...

Wow that first pic looks like something out of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind!!!

Cameron said...

I love conference! Just a great atmosphere all around. Even Satan's minions are kinda fun.