Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm not a stalker

"Young" Jeffrey Isbell has accused me of stalking him.

He makes it sound like I'm sitting outside of the PCE offices waiting for him to come out.

I'm not.

However, it is you, Mr Isbell, that has come into my home turf to sell my neighbors on vouchers. All I want to do is take you to lunch and ask you about it. In a nice way. You have my phone number. I'll even repeat it. 759-1080. That's an 801 area code, because I'm a local.

Oh, and while I've got you here, I wanted to clear up a few things:

*You are not a volunteer. At $1000 per week plus living expenses, hardly sounds like a volunteer gig to me.

*I would imagine that you are fairly concerned with the same political matter. Otherwise, why are you in Utah?

Again, I ask that Mr Isbell give me a call. Lunch is on me.



Scott Parks said...

Mr. Isbell has requested that if you do lunch, it be done after the election. He has a few moments available November 7 before flying to Pheonix, Arizona.

Jeffrey Isbell voluntarily offered his time as he personally views this to be a very noble cause that can help shape voucher campaigns across the nation. Dissenting opinions and views only help shape our great democracy.

We welcome you into the state of Illinois whenever you'd like to work on behalf of whatever issue you'd like. When people get involved in the political process, no matter where it may be, the future is the winner regardless of the outcome of that specific election.

Please contact me at the information below to discuss this matter further.

Scott Parks
Press Secretary

JM Bell said...

HOW IN THE HELL does a punk ass kid with only 863 visits to his shitty little blog rate 4k a month plus expenses? WT hammered F?

And who the hell believes that a punk ass kid with only 863 visits to him shitty little blog has a press secretary?