Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cookie Monster loses Joe's Vote During KSL Debate

I talked with my friend Joe on the phone yesterday.

I first met Joe during my 8th grade year in Jr High. Joe was in 9th grade. We were lunch servers together.

A friendship was started that continued through high school, missions, and beyond. He got me my job at the Arena. I don't see him as much as I used to, ever since he got married on my birthday this year.

Since his marriage, he has become much more informed on matters around him. He now watches the news on occasion, and reads more than the Sports section of the newspaper. As a result, he tends to sometimes be more in tune with things going on than I am.

When we were talking yesterday, he asked me if I had seen the voucher debate on KSL a few nights before. I told him that I had not, but asked him what he thought.

Joe's thoughts were that the guy from the cookie ads that's pro vouchers only had one comment that he kept repeating over and over again. And that the woman (Lisa Johnson) who was against vouchers knew what she was talking about.

As a result of the debate, Joe went from undecided but leaning for, to strongly leaning against.

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