Saturday, October 27, 2007

Matheson and the DCCC

The Side Track says that Jim Matheson has not yet payed his dues to the DCCC.

I don't blame him.

The DCCC has done nothing but harm Matheson's reelection on the rare occasion they have spent money in his district.

Also, why in the heck are they sending me the following message from Bill Clinton:

Dear Bob,

Sign Hillary's Card
In 36 years, Hillary and I have shared a lot of birthdays, and each year I'm amazed at everything she has accomplished. This is a very special year: we're celebrating Hillary's 60th, and I hope you'll join me in sending her a birthday message, sharing your wishes for her and your hopes for the coming year.

I'll make sure to share your message with Hillary. And please encourage your friends and family to send their messages as well.

You can see my birthday message to Hillary and add your own here:
Click here to sign the card

I know how happy Hillary will be to hear from you on her birthday. Thank you for helping me to make her day special.

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

It has the Hillary for President logo at the top. And, last time I checked, Hillary still doesn't have the nomination.

Oh, and why is it coming from the DCCC if Hillary is in the Senate, not the House.

Congrats to Jim Matheson for spending his campaign cash where it wil do him the most good: In Utah.


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