Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Joe Cannon and Ethics

I work in politics. I am also writer, editor, and, well, everything else on this blog. I keep those two roles separate. When I was hired a month ago I made it clear that I was still going to be keeping this blog. I also made it clear that nobody was going to tell me what to write, and what not to write. I have chosen not to write about what happens at work, but I still have the right to if there is anything worthwhile.

That being said, I am not a journalist. I'm a commentator. I'm more a Robert Kirby or Brad Rock than a Thomas Burr. I have my biases, and I have the ability to report or not report on anything I want.

However, the Deseret Morning News is expected to be fair and balanced. They are expected to report the news. That's what newspapers do.

All media organizations would have given their left legs AND their right arms to have gotten access to the Super Adventure Club meeting last weekend. Getting anyone in the room would have been good. Heck, even if they could have gotten a night custodian with a third-grade education in there with a notebook and camera phone, they would have taken it. Heck, they probably would have sent their third grader.

Yet, the Deseret News got someone to infiltrate the SUper Adventure Club. And, it wasn't some cub reporter.

It was Joe Cannon, their editor. However, he had to sign a no-reporting confidentiality agreement before he was taught the secret handshake.

This would be akin to my signing a no-flirting contract before attending a singles ward. It just doesn't make sense.

Maybe if Joe was going as the former State Party Chair, especially if he had been invited a year ago, before he had his current job.

However, that's not the case.

From Saturday's Tribune: "Cannon says he will be explaining to the group how newspapers operate and describing the local media scene. "These people don't know a lot about how newspapers work." "

And Joe Cannon, who has worked in the newspaper industry for a whopping 10 months, is an expert in the field.

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That One Guy said...

"However, the Deseret Morning News is expected to be fair and balanced."

Qualifies for The Most Preposterous Assertion Of The Week.

JM Bell said...

I really hope that everyone is pretending shock about this. It's JOE CANNON running the Deseret Morning Republican Party Newsletter.

There is only one place and one paper and one editor who would do something that ... stupid? thoughtless? corrupt? ignorant? bias? Wrong? And that is here, the des news and Joe Cannon.