Friday, October 05, 2007

Vouchers, SPAM, and lying

SO, it turns out that someone has been sending an email from Utahns for Public School (not the typo) to an unknown email list which traces to a pro-voucher site.

It turns out that the emails can be traced to someone that has been accused of sending SPAM before.

This same person said on his blog that he was writing a pro-voucher blog called vouchernews, even though he claims not to be the author of it. He also says he's a pirate and that "Mark Shurtleff is one of the hardest working and kindest AG's Utah has ever had."

Against Utah Vouchers
has written that Parents For Choice in Education paid SG Consulting $5000. It lists SG Consulting's address, which I won't print here, because it just happens to be the address of one pirate captain. I've verified it.

Nice Try, Captain Bourne.


Jesse Harris said...

The rumor mill says that Mark's gonna be in a bit of legal hot water for this one. 'Bout time Utah's Spam King got what he had comin' to him.

Jason The said...

Regardless of any past experience we've all had with how Mark Towner chooses to represent himself, if all of this is true, he really does deserve a harsh penalty.

It is a disservice to American politics, and the American people, and a betrayal of their trust, to engage in back-door shennanigans like this.

The sheer lack of self respect a person must have to be involved in things like this is something that spreads like a disease in politics (i.e. Nixon White House), so it's nice to see a judge throw the book at 'em now and then.