Friday, November 02, 2007

Live Blogging Voucher Conversation at Piper Down Until my battery runs out

I'm at the voucher conversation sponsored by Drinking Liberally (I'll post a link later) at Piper Down. The participants are Patrick Byrne and Pat Shea. I'll also clean up my typos later.

PAt SHea- politics has gone from a citizendriven thing to a system run by political consultants who make six-figure salaries creating issues to instill fear in the electorate.

PS- likens choice in education like parents choosing when to do at a traffic light.

PS- vouchers will allow a fostering of warren jeffs schools.

PB- Compares govt running education to govt running a bar.



rmwarnick said...

Pat Shea hit the nail on the head. Private school vouchers was a total non-issue in Utah, created out of thin air by out-of-state people with money. Now we have to waste our political capital (not to mention $$$) to defeat a bad idea whose time has come.

Jason The said...

Thanks for the recap. Wanted to be there for this one.

Rob said...

Bob, how many of your wives were in the audience?