Saturday, November 03, 2007

Clinton a voucher supporter

Remember the push-polling and those fear-mongering ads produced by Patrick Byrne for Choice in Education about Hillary Clinton, the NEA, and

And then there is this letter published in yesterday's Deseret News:

I heard that Hillary Clinton is against vouchers — against a parent's right to choose. Anything Hillary is against, I will vote for.

Sue Colquitt

However, I can't find anywhere where Hillary has spoken about vouchers.

However, Out of Context has found evidence that Bill spoke out -- in FAVOR of vouchers:

Quick. Which big-time Democrat with a soft spot for education vouchers will be in Utah this week?

It's former President Bill Clinton, who as governor of Arkansas in 1990 chided his party's orthodoxy in opposing vouchers.

Clinton sent a letter to Wisconsin Rep. Annette "Polly" Williams, a Democratic lawmaker who championed that state's first-ever voucher law, and praised her work.

"I am fascinated by that proposal and am having my staff analyze it," Clinton wrote. "I'm concerned that the traditional Democratic Party establishment has not given you more encouragement. The visionary is rarely embraced by the status quo."

Vouchers were never embraced by Clinton in his run for the White House or his eight years as president.

Reember, Bill Clinton once came in THIRD in Utah. If Bill CLinton likes vouchers, then they MUST be wrong for Utah.

Vote NO on Referendum 1, because Bill Clinton would like a yes vote.


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