Thursday, November 15, 2007

Polygamists and Vouchers

A few days ago, the Salt Lake Tribune had a story about how a large majority of voters in two polygamist towns voted in favor of vouchers last week.

While I won't comment further on the results other than to say I told you so, here is some fact-checking that needs to be done.

The voucher law barred scholarships from being used at schools that encourage "illegal conduct" - a provision apparently aimed at making private schools in polygamous communities ineligible.

However, it's only if the schools encourage illegal conduct, not the groups. So, as long as they don't mention the P-word, it's OK. Furthermore, if it's so illegal, why doesn't the Atty General do anything?

Other provisions of the law would have been obstacles in the community, too, such as a requirement that teachers have bachelor's degrees and pass background checks and that the school's program be accredited.

Actually, there was no requirement that teachers have bachelor's degrees. They could be "highly qualified" although it would be up to the school to decide what that meant. Also, schools didn't have to be accredited. They just had to show prospective students' parents proof of their accreditation status.


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Dude, lay off the vouchers. Vouchers are dead. You won, get over it!