Saturday, November 17, 2007

Utah Parents Rank 36th in Reading to Their Children


The Reading Across the Nation report uses information from the National Survey of Children's Health in 2003 to determine frequency of reading to young children. About 46 percent of Utah children under the age of 5 are read to every day; the national average is 47.8 percent.

Reading rates rise with income and are higher among whites than non-whites; however, the 48.2 percent of Utah whites reporting they read to children every day puts them 47th in the country for the effort. While 37.2 percent of Utah's non-white population reports reading to children daily, that group's rank is 36. The national report also states reading rates are higher among native English speakers.

Maybe we really do hate our children......

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Z said...

Well, we did just fail the state IQ test.

Maybe Sen Dougal was on to something. Maybe tah adults can't read.