Saturday, November 17, 2007

Romney 3rd in BYU straw poll

The Flip Romney campaign seems to enjoy trumpeting their "wins" in straw polls, most of which the campaign purchases.

So, I'll reprint a loss in a straw poll at a place that you'd think Mitt would triumph: BYU.

The BYU Democrats held a plastic recycling drive in the Wilk the past week. Each bottle you brought earned you a vote.

The results:

Barack Obama: 61, Joe Biden: 49, Mitt Romney: 40, Hillary Clinton: 37, Undecided/Apathetic: 32, Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart: 6, Rudy Guiliani: 2, Ron Paul: 2, John Edwards: 1, Mike Huckabee: 1

This balloting was open to everyone who wanted to be wise stewards of the Earth.


Anonymous said...

First off, the Democrats were counting, so you can't trust the results.

Seconly, they go to BYU. Everyone knows BYU students can't count...

Go Utes!

Dave said...

Mitt beats Hillary in a Democrat sponsored poll and you think this bodes ill for him?

Bob said...

Yes, but it was a poll more than open for ballot box stuffing from Republicans. It was held in a high-traffic place on a conservative campus. And I'm sure they didn't say Democrats Only.