Monday, November 05, 2007

Utah's Common Values Represented by Democrats

From Utah Democratic Party Chair Wayne Holland:

The GOP Legislature threw down the gauntlet nine months ago and enacted the most comprehensive voucher law in the country, overcoming (by one vote) a bloc of every Democratic legislator united in a courageous effort stop it and ignoring the wishes of the majority of Utahns.

Republicans made good on their long-time commitment to wealthy out-of-state allies and educational profiteers, a nationwide coalition of far-right ideologues - "Friedmanites" as The Salt Lake Tribune editorial board called them - whose stated goal is the privatization of American education.

It was an in-your-face display of self-righteous arrogance by Republicans sitting pretty in districts they gerrymandered to protect themselves. They put their anti-democracy streak on display. It's easy to sum up their attitude: "There's no need to vote. Just stay at home. We know what's best."

Utahns have core COMMON VALUES, among them a commitment to quality schools for everyone, strong families for today and the future, decent jobs, government accountability, fair play, environmental stewardship, and common-sense legislation that will improve our Utah way of life.

The voucher crowd mounted a mean-spirited campaign that relied on distortions, dirty tricks, and personal smears. Their campaign of nastiness did not reflect Utahns' COMMON VALUES, our sense of common decency. It did not reflect the values of Democrats.

It reflected the self-righteousness of the leadership of the Utah Republican Party.

On Nov. 6, send a message to your GOP Legislature. Democrats and the majority of Utahns share concerns and common-sense solutions. Send a message about our COMMON VALUES.

The 2008 election represents a historical opportunity for Democrats in Utah. GOP arrogance and culture of corruption and incompetence on the national level provide us an opportunity to bring Utah voters home, where their COMMON VALUES will be honorably represented in public service.

A columnist for the The Deseret Morning News recently said vouchers have "the potential to significantly change not only our public education operations, but Utah society itself."

As concerned citizens, you, me and every Utah Democrat most vote.

Let's make tomorrow the beginning of the end of GOP arrogance in Utah.

A big win will propel us into the important 2008 election year.

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