Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We not only won, but we went 29-0

Nobody cares if you went 42-40 if you win the NBA championship.

But, last night, Millionaire Bachelors for Choice lost every single county in Utah.

Winning in Salt Lake county was a given. Winning in Utah, Dais, and Washington Counties?


However, it is time to move on. Contrary to what Patrick Byrne and Richard Eyre would have you believe, Utahns did not stand up and say that they were OK with Utah's bad public schools. They just stood and said that giving unregulated money to private schools is not the answer.

Let's stand up and ask for sensible solutions to our education problems.



Thad said...

Winning in Utah, Dais, and Washington Counties? Is that your public school education working for you? I believe you mean Davis County.

JM Bell said...


I day after whining is cracking me up. 29 Counties! That was a lot of work. It was nice of the UEA to throw out smoe recognition of all the hard work the Democrats did for them ...

...oh wait. They didn't.