Thursday, November 08, 2007

Why no love for the Dems from UEA?

In a comment on one of my posts yesterday, JMBell said "I day after whining is cracking me up. 29 Counties! That was a lot of work. It was nice of the UEA to throw out smoe recognition of all the hard work the Democrats did for them ... ...oh wait. They didn't."

The Utah Democratic Party knocked on over 14,000 doors since September 1, including 2800 the week before the election. Every single one of those doors received information on the voucher issue. That doesn't include anything we did the day before the election, making literally thousands of phone calls on Monday.

And this doesn't even speak to the help we gave on Tuesday, for much less than you were paying regular people.

And, I haven't even taken into account the hundreds of hours spent studying the issue, talking with our friends and neighbors and classmates and teachers. Tabling multiple events at the U, speaking to students at the Y. Holding house parties that included voucher information, and distributing the info to 25 voters per attendee, on Saturday. Attending Debates. Helping with debate prep.

And, that's just what the paid staff did. It doesn't include the thousands of hours of volunteer work done both at Dem HQ and with UtPS.

Nor does it include the fact that 100% of Democrats in the legislature voted against vouchers.

Alls I'm saying is that a little love would be nice....


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Matthew in Weber said...

All I noticed was how they had their RINO's waving the victory flag.