Thursday, December 27, 2007

Anyone but Hillary!

Utah Amicus's Steve Olsen:

The following anecdote illustrates, in a just a few words, a very important message for those few voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina who (unfortunately) will largely decide who the Democratic presidential nominee will be.

On last Sunday's Meet the Press, one of the discussion panelists told the following story. A reporter was talking with a small businessman in Iowa who was a lifelong Republican and self described Reaganite. He was complaining to the reporter how disillusioned he was with today's Republican Party, citing among other things the massive borrowing, spending and government growth during the Bush Administration. The man said he was so disgusted with the GOP he was actually considering voting for Democrats in 2008.

At that point, the reporter asked the man, "So, would you consider voting for Hillary?" At the mention of that name, the man's eyes hardened, and he replied with just one word:


If, for some reason, Barack Obama tanks in the first several primaries/caucuses, I will be voting for anyone who has a shot at beating Hillary Clinton.


First, because I trust her about as much as Fib Romney.

Secondly, and most important, she hurts everyone down the ticket here in Utah. Her disapproval rating is in the mid-40s nationwide, and even lower in Utah. Having a strong name at the top of the ticket helps everyone from our party down the line.

And, here in Utah, that's what's important.

Because while our 5 Electoral Votes will (barring a miracle) go to the Republican, having someone to inspire Utah Democrats will drive them to the polls.


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