Thursday, December 06, 2007

Liveblogging the Romney Speech

832: GHWBush is introducing Mitt and the family. Makes sure to point out that he is not endorsing Mitt, has had other candidates visit his library, and will yet have people visit.

836: It took a mere minute to dig Muslims, even before the distruction of the family.

838: a candidate should not be elected because of his faith.

840: I believe in my MOrmon faith, and I will not defy it.

841: I believe that Jesus Christ was the Savior of mankind.

religious tolerance would be shallow indeed if it was reserved for religions we agree with.

a candidate should not become spokesperson for his faith, for he will need prayers of people of all faiths if elected.

843: accepts separation of church and state, then immediately flip flops.

845 funny that he talks about freedom and liberty, given his views on Gitmo.

850 cathedrals spend too much time as postcard backdrops and not as houses of worship.

853 i believe the sam adams story he told is actually urban legend, I'll check on it. [update, I may be wrong on this...]


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