Thursday, December 06, 2007

My reaction to Romney's speech: Hypocrite or flip flopper.

Nothing really new came out of Mitt Romney's mouth this morning.

It was, as I noted in my liveblogging, ironic that he talked so much about freedom and liberty given his statements about doubling Guantanamo. His comments about religious tolerance came as very ironic given his statements about Muslims last week.

I also found it interesting that he didn't come off with much heart. Passion, kinda. But not heart.

And, there was some pandering going on, especially when talking about nativity scenes and menorahs. What courts have held is that you can't display only one religious tradition.

I also wonder how much if today was BS. Many things he said have flown in the face of what we've heard from him over the past several months.


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Anonymous said...

I think that was a great speech. No heart? I think most will disagree with that assessment. It was heartfelt and he hit the nail on the head.