Thursday, December 06, 2007

Omaha Shooting Eerily NOT Similar to Trolly Square

On last night's 10PM news, KUTV's Mark Kobel said that yesterday's shooting was "eerily similar" to the Trolley Square shooting in February.

My dad and I quickly rattled off similarities:

They both took place in malls.
Some people died, others were taken to the hospital.
The police department and paramedics all showed up.
Trolley Square was on the 12th of the month, Omaha was in the 12th month.

And that's all the similarities we could find.

Some differences:

TS shooter used a shotgun and pistols. Omaha used a rifle.
TS was in the evening. Omaha was in the middle of the day.
TS shooter was killed by cops. Omaha killed himself.


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rmwarnick said...

This morning, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski was plaintively asking the rhetorical question, "what was his motive?" while they showed a picture of the shooter.

Well, duh, that was the motive. He wanted his picture on cable TV news. Does this encourage the next guy? We'll find out.

So far no discussion on the news about where the assault rifle came from-- my bet is, bought legally from one of America's many friendly neighborhood merchants of death.