Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Romney Nickname: Fib Romney

For a couple of months now, I have been referring to Willard Romney by the name Flip Romney. It was a reference to his anchorman looks and his tendency to flip-flop on just about everything (except his hair).

Well, I've decided that flip-flopping isn't the biggest problem Romney has.

It his problem with the truth. Whether it's a mis-speak, little white lie, or a major outright lie, Mitt seems to forget the 9th commandment.

Thou shalt not lie, even if you are running for President.

Let's take a look at some of my favorite lies of Fib Romney:

~Endorsed by the NRA in 2002. Reality: NRA gave a higher rating to his Democratic opponent.

~Lifelong NRA member. Reality: Purchased NRA "Lifetime membership" in August 2006.

~Lifelong hunter. This one came as spin to previous fib. Reality: went bunny blasting with cousins once as a teenager. "Hunted" quail on a quail farm in 2006.

~Saw dad march with MLK. Reality: Dad never marched with MLK.

~Nobody talked with God since Moses and the burning bush. I really think that Fib Romney knows this isn't true, but outright denied his faith to try and win power.

So, to my Mormon friends, I ask you: Does Fib Romney meet the requirements of an honorable and just candidate?

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