Thursday, January 03, 2008

D-Day in Iowa

Well, it's time. In about 11 hours, people will gather in all 99 counties in Iowa and pick their candidates for President.

We easily have one of the most screwed up election systems in the world, where we let 4% of the people in a small midwestern state have a huge say in who our next president will be.

But, you go to war with the system you have, not the system you wish you had. Or something like that.

Many people have asked me who I think is going to win in Iowa. I have no freaking clue. Besides, you don't win Iowa. You try not to lose. Especially this year. A third and especially fourth place will be devastating to most campaigns.

So, with that, here's my educatedly hopeful guesses as to what I think (hope) will happen.




Fib Romney
Ron Paul

Note: That is not my order of preference. That's my order of what I hope happens, with some realism thrown in....

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