Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hillary Doesn't Give a Damn About Utah

Just a reminder that Hilary Clinton doesn't give a damn about Utah.

A review of candidate visits to the state of Utah:

Mitt Romney: numerous fundraisers, call centers in Sandy and Provo
Ron Paul: Rally at Union Pacific Depot
Rudy Giulliani: Fundraiser at Steve Harmsen's home
John McCain came for a fundraiser, too
Gov Richardson: Spoke at Jefferson Jackson dinner
Chris Dodd: Spoke at State Democratic Convention
John Edwards: Fundraiser at the Depot
Barack Obama: Fundraiser in Park City with 1000 person strong rally in Kimball Junction. Rumored visit next Saturday, weekend before Tsunami Tuesday

I'm forgetting someone. Let's see, who is it?

Oh yeah, that's right.

Hillary Clinton.

Hillary sent Bill back in November to do a couple of fundraisers. And now, she's sending Chelsea, who hasn't appeared in public alone for her mom before the past week.

But where is Hillary? Not in Utah.

Because she doesn't give a damn about us....



Rob said...

Bob, I keep reading how awful Hillary is by Barack supporters, and a great example of that is here on your blog and Misty's blog.

If she is so evil why are all the attacks on the Utah blogosphere against her, and not by her supporters?

Voice of Utah said...

Rob, I've noticed that, too. I like Obama and think he would be an excellent candidate, but the increasing negativity by his backers is dampening my enthusiasm for him. What does the sniping accomplish, Bob?