Sunday, January 06, 2008

I wonder what Mitt and Obama said to each other....

I wish the conversations would have been miked....


Marshall said...

Mitt: Gosh that is a firm hand shake you got there.

Obama: Yea, it comes with a backbone...want to see?

Mitt: No, No that is ok, I believe you.

Obama: Are those crocs you are wearing?

Mitt: Yea they keep the feet cool under the hot light of my words actually being scrutinized. Plus my flip flops are out for repair, blew them out last week, think I really pushed them too far over the last year.

Obama: Hey I know a good show repair place up the way, fixed my shoes the other day, I have been putting a few miles on them you know winning races and all.

Romney: Gee it must feel good to win, luckily have another million of my own money that I am using to help me win in NH.

Obama: Ummmm, good luck with that.

Aramis said...

Great one Marshall.

Here's another possible scenario...

Mitt: Wow, you look taller on TV.

Obama: Yea, I've been told that. Must be the charisma... Hey, your hair doesn't look quite as fake tonight.

Mitt: Oh yea, this is an upgrade. It's made with a new type of resin, want to try it on?

Obama: Tempting, but no thanks. I like to stay as human as possible, actually .

Mitt: Hey, that's a darn good idea. I'll have to run that by my programmers, er "consultants".

Obama: Yea, you do that...