Thursday, January 10, 2008

"The Most Self-serving, Double-dealing, Conflicted Utah Legislators"

The week's Salt Lake City Weekly cover story is giving the "piggies" to "the most self-serving, double-dealing, conflicted Utah legislators" we have.

So, who are the winners? I'll tell you here, but you'll have to read the article to get the details.

Best Comedic Performance: Rep. Mike Morley, R-Spanish Fork
Best Original Plot: Rep. Aaron Tilton, R-Springville
Best Performance in a Supporting Role: Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab
Best Director of Conflicted Legislation: House Speaker Greg Curtis, R-Sandy

1 comment:

Obi wan liberali said...

Amazing that Sen. Howard Stephensen barely got an honorable mention. That's how far our legislature has descended.

I did notice that Utah County seems pretty well represented. Now that was a real shock.