Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What Obama and Romney said to each other Saturday Night

You may remember that I posted a video of all the candidates at Saturday's debates shaking hands with one another between the debates, and my interest had been piqued by the conversation Mitt Romney was having with Barack Obama. So, I turned to my readers to help sort it out.

Marshall comes up with the winning answer:

Mitt: Gosh that is a firm hand shake you got there.

Obama: Yea, it comes with a backbone...want to see?

Mitt: No, No that is ok, I believe you.

Obama: Are those crocs you are wearing?

Mitt: Yea they keep the feet cool under the hot light of my words actually being scrutinized. Plus my flip flops are out for repair, blew them out last week, think I really pushed them too far over the last year.

Obama: Hey I know a good show repair place up the way, fixed my shoes the other day, I have been putting a few miles on them you know winning races and all.

Romney: Gee it must feel good to win, luckily have another million of my own money that I am using to help me win in NH.

Obama: Ummmm, good luck with that.

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