Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nurses' Union Efforts Have Plug Pulled, Death to come Shortly

Today's Deseret News:

Efforts to unionize nurses at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center are apparently over, with ballots cast five years ago destined to go uncounted.

Suzanne Martin, a spokeswoman for the United American Nurses, confirmed Monday the union has withdrawn its petition — an action that came as hospital owner Iasis Healthcare was waiting for word from the National Labor Relations Board regional office on when the ballots would be returned to Salt Lake for counting.

This is one issue I wish we had gotten more involved in as Democrats. This case is personal. My mom is a nurse at SLRMC.

The issue here has been that the hospital wants to count those who ever work as charge nurses to be counted as supervisors, which means they don't have a say in whether to unionize.

The problem is, most nurses are charge nurses at some point. It happens on a rotating basis. one night, you are in charge, the next night someone else is. As a charge nurse, your only extra duty is to assign which nurse gets which patient.

It sets a dangerous precedent. Other industries could start rotating minor supervisory duties in an effort to bust a union.

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This is what you get in
a right to work state.

I am retired from Boeing .
My wages, retirement and benefits were negotiated by my union.

For me to vote for any Republican would be like a CHICKEN VOTING FOR COLONEL SANDERS.