Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Utah's Legislature Page is frustrating

From Salt Blog:

Now that being said...go check out the Utah state legislature website.
You'll find the House Conflict of Interest forms under the House bar. Ok simple enough, now try and find the senate conflict of interest forms. You'd think they'd be under that senate tab right? Well turns out your wrong.
For more fun try checking out financial disclosure for candidates on the state election site. Think it would be listed under "Financial Disclosures"? Well that's a good, intuitive guess...but ultimately wrong.

Now for the ultimate exercise in websurfing frustration take any one of the vague and anonymously listed Political Action Committee's from a candidate's disclosure report and then try and go find any info for that lobbyist group on the state election offices Lobbyist registry.

If you can do that inside of 20 minutes I'll buy you a beer.

Hmm, let me hedge my bets a little bit, if you can find that info out in 20 minutes without whispering under your breath "what the fuck?" as you navigate these labrynth like websites--then I'll buy you a beer

I have to agree with Eric S. Peterson here. Whoever has been giving the state awards for their web site has never tried to do research on the legislators.

There have been very few days this year that I haven't gotten frustrated with the legislature's web site to the point of swearing. Those days have been days I haven't accessed the web site.


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Obi wan liberali said...

That's alot of work for a beer, even in Utah.