Sunday, January 06, 2008

Our favorite Gerrymandered Districts

On Friday, I showed some proof of what certain people say is only "alleged" gerrymandering.

I asked for people to submit their favorite gerrymandered disticts, and I got a couple of responses.

Tom Grover told me I should check out Senator Pete Knudson's district:

Sen Knudson live in Brigham City and represents all of Box Elder County, and check out the interesting forays into Cache and Tooele Counties.

Obi wan liberali has this to say about Tooele County:

the case of Tooele County is really bizzarre. A significant sized county that is rapidly growing has one house member, Jim Gowans, living within it's borders. It's other represenetative lives in Box Elder.

On the Senate side, they are represented out of Nephi, Tremonton, West Valley City and Spanish Fork.

OWL seems a little off in his geography, but I'll help out. In addition to Sne. Knudson, Tooele County has the following Senators:

Senator Mark B Madsen lists a Lehi PO BOX as his address and served on the Eagle Mountain City Council before joining the Senate. Some interesting facts about Sen Madsen are that he attended Columbine High School in Littleton CO and is a32 degree Freemason. His district stretches from Vernon in Tooele County to Lehi in northern Utah County and Springville in southern Utah County. Here's a map:

Brent Goodfellow lives in West Valley City and represents District 12. A map of his district:

Utah Young Farmer/Rancher of the Year 1996 is Darin Peterson, who lives in Nephi and represents Senate District 24, which includes parts of Tooele County as well as Juab, Piute, Sanpete, Sevier, and Wayne counties.

a Map:

What's bad about this is that it is possible for 14% of the Seante to live in Tooele County.....



Marshall said...

This has got to the one I noticed the most -

Can anyone comment on why district 8 is shaped this way?

Whenever districts start getting the pinwheel design or long thin stretches between sections then I start smelling something.

Raymond Sebond said...

It's not gerrymandering because we support the GOP for their moral convictions anyway.

Local political concerns that could possible differ from Tooele to Vernal don't matter nearly as much as school vouchers, keeping gays from their pursuit of happiness, and keeping liquor sales socialized.

Marshall said...

It looks like the maps on this could use an update, I predict this might be one of your more popular articles in the coming year.

Vik said...

Not to dispute the point you are making, but Darin Peterson bowed out of the Senate two years ago. The current Senator for SD 24 is Sen Okerlund

Bob said...


This post was written 2 years ago....

Kim said...

Hello, my name is Kim and I am working with a group of like-minded Utahns who are staging a rally this coming Saturday at the state capitol to bring attention to this issue. This is likely just the first of several events we will hold in an effort to educate voters about this problem. Anything you can do to help us spread the word would be much appreciated! More info can be found on our website, or at the event page here: