Monday, February 18, 2008

Best Commentary on Senator Buttars

Tom over at KVNU has a great commentary on the problem Senator Buttars has gotten himself into.

He is not able to attend all his meetings. He is afraid and unwilling to speak publicly. I am told that, quite understandably, no member of the Senate wishes to advocate or co-sponsor future legislation with him.

Senator Buttars can no longer propose legislation.

Senator Buttars will not come out of hiding, barring him from speaking publicly on any issue.

Senator Buttars lacks any credibility and political capital to effectuate change.

In practical terms, West Jordan doesn’t have a State Senator right now.

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Anonymous said...

hey there you first amendment phony.

this fake media circus was fabricated, created by the fags and their media allies to derail buttars' effort to stop the fag marriage registry.

the good part is that now anyone who cares can now easily identify the media allies of the fags.

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