Monday, February 18, 2008

Rep Kiser blames inappropriate comment on fact he's a father

From Out of Context:

On Friday, the Utah Realtors Association treated legislators to lunch at the Salt Palace. Real estate agent Delphi Gibson estimated about 3,000 people attended.

Gibson sat down with Rep. [Todd] Kiser, R-Sandy, who she said steered the conversation to two topics.

"He made light of Buttars's remarks and animal torture," Gibson said. "To me, neither are laughing matters."

Gibson wrote him a note and then excused herself, she said.

And, Rep Kiser's defense?

Asked about that incident late Friday, Kiser had this to say:
"We are husbands and fathers as well as legislators, we're not professional legislators," Kiser said. "As such, we don't take public relations classes. Many times our emotions and passions cause us to say interesting things."

Maybe, just maybe, the Utah Republican Party should use some money and train their candidates in PR. Our maybe just in appropriate, professional conversation.


Raymond Sebond said...

Poor excuse on his part. It's not about PR but about manners. I'd hope he'll teach his children better manners than to run your mouth in mied company.

Joe said...

Doesn't being a father make it worse? The fact that he has kids and still speaks that way is alarming. Also, is he emotional or passionate about torturing animals or being a racist? That whole apology seems backward to me