Monday, February 04, 2008

Hillary's Voucher-esque numbers in Utah

Recent polling from the Deseret News:

Barack Obama 53%
Hillary Clinton 29%

And this is amongst REGISTERED Democrats only, Hillary's base.

Vouchers were defeated in Utah by a vote of 62-38.

The Obama train is running wild on you!


Voice of Utah said...

Bob, just a suggestion. By your figures, 29% of Dems (and some unaffiliateds like me) are voting for Hillary, but most of us are also happy with Barack as a prospective candidate. Taunting posts like yours are actually counterproductive, however; they generate negative feelings toward Barack and his supporters that I would not otherwise have. There is a way to support your preferred candidate without being impolite.

Marshall said...

I am not sure what is more impolite, a little gloating from Bob or the fact that the Hillary campaign has pretty much snubbed the entire state of Utah. See being treated like we don't matter can generate some pretty negative feelings too. Is it too much to ask that she at least run an campaign operation here?

When I got home tonight I got a call from one campaign and one campaign only encouraging me to vote and that was the Obama campaign. If this is her campaign strategy for the primary I hate to see how the general will go.

It is pretty apparent that Hillary doesn't need us and sorry to border on taunting but if that is how it is going to go then I guess we don't need her either. Let her concentrate on the states that matter to her, we'll give our support to the candidates that don't ignore us.