Monday, February 11, 2008

I'll miss Willard Milton Romney

I'll miss the man called Willard Milton Romney, referred to here on this blog as Flip Romney, Fib Romney, Quitt Romney, and Asshole.

I'll miss the many crazy things that have been coming out of his mouth ever since he decided to run for president back in 2002 (maybe even 2001).

And, who could forget those moments? If you have forgotten, The Side Track has some reminders for you.

But, lest you think that Mitt is gone forever, he said last week that Mitt2008 is like Regan1976. And, we all know what happened next.

Regan1976 was replaced by Regan1980. Which means in 2012, we'll have Re-Mitt.

Which means one of two things: Either he doesn't believe that John McCain has a snowballs chance in Provo of winning in November, or that a President McCain will screw things up so bad that his own party will be willing to run him out of town.

So, until then, Au revoir. (That's French for Good-bye, in case you forgot your mission language.)


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