Monday, February 11, 2008

Hillary: I'm the underdog, Obama's establishment

Oh, how I wish I were making this one up..... From JMBell:


CLINTON: And the candidate herself said of Obama’s Super Tuesday performance, “Well, he sure had a lot of establishment support yesterday, and I feel very good about the results.”

Wow. Holy s*it! Hey lady, newsflash, your husband is the ultimate embodiment of “establishment help.” In fact, you’re the #2 example, followed by Kissinger (3), Putin (4) and Reagan (Dead).

It seems you forget that you’re running as a Democrat and, sadly for you, Democrats aren’t nearly as gullible or risible as their Republican counterparts. 40 some MILLION dollars in SMALL DONATIONS is called popular support. Your stack of big donations makes you establishment, and your loan to yourself makes you kind of like Romney witout the moxie.

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