Saturday, February 16, 2008

Maybe Hillary Could Debate Herself

This post is chock full of video goodness.

Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the Democratic field, agreed not to do any debates on FOXPropaganda. Well, now that she's no longer the front runner, she's scambling, and trying to change the rules. Kinda like the whole campaigning in Florida thing. Anyway, Hillary's first attack ad:

Then, the Obama campaign responded thusly:

Not to be outdone, Hillary comes back with annother attack ad, accusing Obama of attacking:

Maybe, if Hillary wants to debate, she can debate herself, like she did here, courtesy of the Edwards campaign:

Or, she can make crappy ads like this one (this is the lead in her YouTube Profile, I kid you not):

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Marshall said...

You know the ironic thing is she is just like the spoiled singer/guitar of a band. I can hear her now "this band is nothing without me"..."I can make ten solo records with out this band"..."the only reason this band exists is because of me".

To the Clintons the Democratic party is just the backup singers to their ambitions.