Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sign the "We Don't Support Buttars" petition

So, I read this this morning:

Meantime, an online petition supporting Buttars, posted by the Utah Eagle Forum, has received more than 100 signatures.

And so I thought I'd take a look at the petition. I found that 123 people had signed the pro-Buttars petition. That seemed weak for the all-mighty Eagle Forum.

So, I thought I'd create my own "We don't support Chris Buttars" petition.

Please go and sign it.



Anonymous said...

HOW CLEVER. A MEDIA DIS-INFO OPERATION. Now I’m startng to get it, ……..yeah..okay.

The deviant sex practitioners conspired with their media allies (with a wink from local dems) to attack Buttars on any trumped up pretext in order derail the deviant sex marriage bill.

Good one…fake up a claim of racism…after all that is the kiss of death. That would scare anyone. The deviant sex media types and their supporters start using the big lie technique developed by the german nazis.

I t doesn’t matter that Buttars didn”t say anything improper…..because a carefully orchestrted media distortion op will keep the dumb masses in a state of congitive dissonace.

But here is the bad part: Some of the public are not quite so stupid. They might even be making a list of the cooperative media outfits for future reference. What if they find out about our “free” (free from anticompetive regulation championed by Theodore Rossevelt) media is not so free after all?

After all, the controlled media is going down the tubes financially just through lack of quality and intelligence by staff.

Jason The said...

How clever, and boneheaded rant from an "anonymous" commenter with an IQ challenge.

We sure don't see enough of that.