Monday, February 04, 2008

To My Republican Friends: Vote Obama, Stop Hillary

I've been telling some of my Republican friends this, and it looks like I'm not the only one with this thought.

The following was sent out on the Utah for Obama email list:

I grew up in a conservative Mormon home. I understand
what many people in this state feel when it comes to
politics. Let's face it many of our friends and family
feel that voting republican is their duty. The following
email is what I sent out to my family and friends that are
conservative to encourage them to vote for Obama on
Tuesday. Feel free to use any of this email, but more
importantly the logic as to why they should vote for

"I have thought about this for a long time and now I find
myself sending out this email with Super Tuesday looming.
I am certain that most people in Utah support Mitt
Romney, and I understand why. I also believe that most
people don't want to see Hillary Clinton win. That being
stated, Mitt Romney is going to win in Utah by a
landslide. In other words he won't need your help to win
Utah. If you don't want to see Hillary win then I suggest
voting for Obama on Tuesday. There is a very good chance
that a democrat is going to win the election come
November, a very good chance. I suggest that if you don't
want to see Hillary in the oval office that you use your
vote and make it count and vote for Obama. If you have
questions about Obama I can answer them or you can go to
his site. One thing I will add is that there are emails
circulating questioning Obama's religion and patriotism.
I would say that none of us like when things are said
about Romney and his character and religion and I can tell
you that these attempts are no different. I feel that
Barack Obama represents me. I know that he inspires me."
Here is a clip that I like:

So one Tuesday --get out and vote and give your support to

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