Monday, February 11, 2008

What I would like to say to Mitt Romney

If I ever get to meet Mitt Romney, there is just one thing I'd like to say to him...

It's about 4 minutes into this clip:

You see, by lying and getting us into an unending war that has done nothing but create more terrorists, while bin Laden is free to roam the caves of Afghanistan, while the Anthrax mailer is still roaming the street of Springfield, while North Korea has been able to develop nuclear weapons and weapons systems that can deliver said nukes to Hawaii, and possibly San Diego soon, while the economy has suffered under subprime mortgages and lead based paint from China, while the federal deficit has ballooned to half a Trillion dollars per year (not including paying for two wars), all while blaming it on the Democrats, is letting the terrorists win.

So, Mitt Romney, I hope Jeff Bell kicks your ass.


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