Sunday, February 10, 2008

Current Delegate Count 2/10/08

[Update 2/20/08 1:52 PM: For Up-to-the-minute delegate counts, click here]

I'm going to update on a daily basis, as final numbers keep coming in. I'm researching the best information I can find to pass on to you. If I don't trust the information, I won't pass it along. Also, I am not adding superdelegate information, as that is as volatile as anything out there right now.

Democrats (2025 needed to win)

Barack Obama 910
Hillary Clinton 887
John Edwards 26

Republicans (1191 needed to win)

John McCain 701
Mike Huckabee 215
Mitt Romney 175
Uncommitted 41
Ron Paul 21
Fred Thompson 11
Duncan Hunter 1

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